About The Magic Mirror Company

Capturing each moment at any special event can be difficult, though with our Magic Mirror you can capture that little bit more than you normally would with our unique photo booth like experience.

How it works

  • The reflective screen works exactly like a mirror
  • An animation and attendant will guide the user
  • Touch screen will activate the camera
  • Countdown begins
  • The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror
  • Guests receive an instant branded print!


Who we are

The Magic Mirror Company team is made up of business professionals who understand the importance of planning a special events. With years of experience in organising events and focus on customer service, we appreciate the need for good communication, reliability and affordability. We are passionate about delivering something unique every time, all of the time.

This is all we do, we’re not a DJ, caterer or wedding cake creator that will be distracted with other events. We are the Magic Mirror Company, we specialise in Magic Mirrors, which is why, when you book us, that’s exactly what you get, one of our Magic Mirrors with exceptional service and great communication at an unbeatable price.